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By: attanasio

Page 1, I see so many comments here on booksie with humor and fun in them and it makes my day. Hence I wrote a little poem about humor.


By: Joe Attanasio 2011




Humor makes me laugh,

But that is only half.

Humor brightens my soul,

Makes my body whole.


It doesn’t have to be a joke,

Maybe just something you spoke.

I crave the lighter side,

Not to stumble but to glide.


Your puns give me a gift,

Cajoling with you a lift.

I see humor in many things,

Joy to me, it always brings.


Humor makes my spirits rise,

My lows replaced by highs.

Dry humor, just a hint within,

Will really make me grin.


When I remember something funny,

It makes my heart all sunny.

As humor starts to bloom,

It washes away all my gloom.


When my face begins to smile,

All life seems worthwhile.

Toss your humor my way,

It always makes my day!



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