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By: attanasio

Page 1, Just a short poem about manners.



By: Joe Attanasio



Manners come from a social law

A standard of conduct for us all

Good manners vary from place to place

The idea is to not be a disgrace


Manners are set by a social norm

Ladies and gentlemen fit the form

Bad manners is not a legal crime

But they cause disapproval all the time


When others are around to see

A mannered person would agree

Fingers digging in your nose

Bad manners that would disclose


Throwing trash on public ground

Would make most people frown

Interrupting a persons speech

Is not something manners teach


Coughing and sneezing in some ones face

Does not show any social grace

Bad manners are just plain rude

Like spitting out half chewed food


If we use good manners all the time

And don’t commit those social crimes

And always show our best face

The world will be a better place


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