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Many kinds of pain!

By: attanasio

Page 1, A poem about the many kinds of pain we have.

Many kinds of Pain

By: Joe Attanasio 2011




There are many kinds of pains in the world,

Here are but a few.


The pain of loss is an empty pain,

Knowing someone or something is gone forever.


Physical pain screams at you and controls you,

Whether from injury or disease no matter, hurt is hurt.


Pain of regret lingers and haunts,

So often no way to change, no second chances.


Pain of compassion the pain we feel and share,

A deep pain from the sorrow of others.


Pain of helplessness, being out of our reach,

Wanting to change something but being unable.


Pain of wanton waste, a crying shame,

A pain felt in your soul, against humanity.


Pain of indecision, a confusing pain,

The painful struggle in our thoughts.


Pain of verbal abuse,  a deep scaring,

A pain of the heart and the mind.


Pain of grief, an ebbing and ripping hurt,

An overwhelming sadness that lingers.


Pain of anxiety, an overwhelming feeling of dread,

Unable to face the future, a fearful pain.


Searching for an ‘empath’,

To take our pain away.


Writing poems about our pain,

Sharing our pain with others.


Searching for a distraction,

Often our only hope!!





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