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To my Valentine...

By: attanasio

Page 1, a few words to my Valentine.


To my Valentine…

By: Joe Attanasio




You hold my beating heart in your hand

I adore you! I’m yours to command

When you caress and kiss my heart

All my walls and barriers fall apart


My heart beats with yours as one

You complete me like no other, hun

When I am near you I feel so alive

My tired life force you revive


When we hug each other ever so tight

My contentment reaches a new height

My heart flutters when you’re in my arms

I get excited feeling all your charms


I love staring into you beautiful eyes

I always feel like I won a great prize

As you look so lovingly back at me

You make me feel a bit weak in the knee


You lips are always so moist and warm

Your kisses excite me like an electric storm

As we keep our lips pressed together

My heart feels as light as a feather


I can never tire of just watching you

My love for you just grew and grew

I want you near me for all time

You are truly my Valentine



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