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A Dark Mind, Thoughts Shine

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, I didn\'t even know i had a thought that i thought till i thought about writing this. till i starting seeing the light


Ever had a thought you just couldn't get out?

That idea living on the edges of your fingers

A dark mind but thoughts shineing

Ever had something you just couldn't say?

Those words break dancing on the edge of your tongue

Stanzas flowing with hearts pineing

Ever had someone you just couldn't be without

Soul mates, that's what the world calls you

But you know they were lying

Ever had something you just couldn't do?

Your hands caressing a gun

Your imagination lives, but you're dying

Stop trying

To be what you aren't

Quit crying

Cuz you can't have your way

No denying

There's a hope there's a spark

And there's no hiding

There's a light through the dark...

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