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Ephemeral Rule

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, This is me like coming off of two weeks of writers block so it may not be as good as my others. Tellm me what you think.

"Cry ‘havoc’ and let slip the dogs of war"

Sheer panic

It’s tragic

We couldn’t see it before

This world is crumblin


Fools, everywhere I go

Cuz I’m fumblin


Through pools of hate, sorrow

Thoughts locked in place

The world speeding in pace

Blowing by the slow

Flowing, don’t you know?

Lucid, no restraints

Useless, abstract weights

Go to any lengths

To break free

And see

The truth and what’s real

What’s seen or what we feel

"It hurts but we’ll never know

This pain you’ll never know"

Drop the world cuz it’s already falling


This downward spiral

It’s viral

Infecting us all

With ignorance


And we just fall apart


The end


To rise against

To find the sense

In the worlds bullshit

My mind, it wanders

While the world, it plunders



To massacre the good

So could

We really be the saviors

When the world prides itself on its destructive labors

So do they deserve saving

With the way they’re behaving

Cuz this hellhole, this cesspool

Is just…

An ephemeral rule

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