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A Promise Is Broken

By: Augustuas J Pen

Page 1, A story of mortality and immortality and its adverse effects

“I am going alone.”

And she cried

The tears stream down her face

“Don’t go at all”

She sobbed

“Stay with me. I love you.”

She held me tight

I wrapped her in an embrace

It felt like we stood like that for an eternity

I kissed her long and hard

“I have to go.”

I said as I turned and walked away

“I promise I will be back.”

I turned my head and smiled

It was strained and she knew

We both knew

It was a promise I may not be able to keep

She fell to her knees and wept

And I walked away

Sword in hand

Grim faced

To battle

I fought hard

Defeated many foes

I was injured badly

But I fought on

Finally I fell

I awoke not long after

Surrounded by the bodies of foes

My men walking away

Heads bent

They thought I was dead

I arose and ran toward them



“I’m alive. Weep not for I live.”

They did not hear

I ran past

A cart pulled bodies ahead of them

I ran and ran

It was a mad sprint back to my love

I saw her where we had embraced before I left

She still wept

On her knees

I went and knelt beside her

“I came back. Mary I am here as I promised”

But she did not hear she wept to loudly

The men and cart arrived

“Mary tis me John. I kept my promise”`

I tried to console her still

My second in command knelt in front of her

Laid his hand upon her shoulder

He said something to her

I could not make it out it was garbled

Her face went white

I am sure he told her I had died

I screamed

“I am right here Mary they are mistaken.”

She rose and ran to the cart

They removed a tarp

She fell to the ground

Weeping harder then I had ever seen

How could the not see me

“Mary I think I am dead”

The words where weird

I walked slowly

And looked upon the face

The face that made her weep

I looked upon my own face.

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