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Page 1, DIANE


Our first kiss was another page in the newspaper,
Unique was the growth of our fire
slowly, she studied my every desire
Her Coup d’état, took my mental state away forever.
Diane aka the catalyst to sweet destruction,
Mortals saw their end at her feet, yet they followed her every instruction.
As a kid, Diane always wanted to fly
She wasn’t inspired by the Wright brothers,
Or the African voodoo priestess that ruled the airwaves
She had her own ways,
A means to an end, she unbalanced the scale
And became the number one preference
Her terminal, the gateway to bliss
For a little token she made it available to kiss.
Life is short, Diane is shorter
An eternity of her, has more circles than Dante’s hell
in there many mortals fell
Looking to her for help
She always smiled and disappeared like the morning fog
Some say she inspires,
In return your soul she desires

Diane!! Diane!!! Why so cruel, yet so sweet
Tell me when I land,
Calling out from your abyss.

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