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A Bountiful Lie

By: bdawn

Page 1, Something i wrote when i wasn\'t in the best mood, as you can tell

Between the sheets
Between body heat
A bountiful lie
Auspicious am I.
A quaking, shivering, trembling heart beats
Deep in the pit of my mind
I know you’re not mine.
But I allow the stars to shine
The whispers of caress that confine
To my ear, to my soul
So the fragments are whole.

Silly, really!
You knew all along
Why let him in
When you knew it was wrong
You knew there was someone
She saw him and shone
You could see the reflection
Of a wild, enthralling sun

Cover the blaze
With a fabricated face
Cover the pain
That his ego could gain.
A tear
A fear
Of isolation
Of seclusion.
A word
Now my intimate
Best friend.

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