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you will truly understand when you finish reading

Submitted:May 2, 2011    Reads: 156    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

Losing her innocence at 8
This girl will never be the same
No, this girl will be a rebel, a bitch, a problem child.
She'll act out, she'll become a fighter.
she'll never forget the way he touched her.
The pain he inflicted, the muffled screams.
The tears that fell, the horrid memories.
She'll cry herself to sleep.
She'll fear the night.
Her pain will never disappear, haunting her every move.
Her life turned upside down,nothing will ever be the same.
She was shown a life she'd fear, so full of hate.
Violence seemed to be her life.
The sound of her mother crying, As her dad sat there choking her.
This little girl yelled for him to stop
Not wanting to hear her mothers last breath.
Trying to get help, trying to save a life.
This 9 year old girl fought so hard for those she loved.
For as long as she can remember shes never been truly happy; faking a smile, a laugh.
Trusting no one, lying to those trying to take her away.
Trying so hard to keep her family together, not admtting to herself that it was already broken, hoping she could fix it.
Trying to ignore what was infront of her.
Her mother wasnt happy. Drinking to hide the pain, a joint to calm the anger.
Her father was just as miserable; passed out on the couch from intoxication.
They were to busy trying to numb the pain to pay attention to the beautiful little girl whose heart was breaking.
Not knowing how the screaming, and yelling
The swearing and the crying was slowly klling her.
She raised herself.
Still a rebel, still a bitch, her daddy's little problem child.
still fighting to save her family, fighting for something so hopless.
Her dad taught her to trust no one so her secrets she will keep.
She'll be forever imprisoned
She'll hold onto her memories with all she has.
Finally grown up
Her parents saw her as a little mistake.
15 ears old this girl began to realize trying to fix a family that was made to be broken, was hopeless.
Finally letting go, she kept to herself.
Not trusting those who surrounded her.
Daddy's lttle girl stopped caring.
He just let go, didnt want to save her; didnt want to be saved.
She found confort in a razor.
Felt release from her pain.
No one saw her life spiral so far down.
Her dad whispering words so unforgiveable, So unbearable.
She just wanted him to love her.
Everytime he called her fat
was another meal skipped.
Everytime he called her lazy
He'd come home to a clean house.
Everytime he called her ugly
She'd change her look.
Everytime he called her a mistake
Another tear would fall inside her broken heart.
He didnt see the pain he inflicted upon his littl girl.
He didnt care about anything but himself.
He drank to avoid being a home.
Three words that only had to be said one time.
She'll never forget.
I Hate You
Is engraved in her heart
Signed by her dad.
She'd never be enough.
Locked in a tent with a boy with bad intentions.
His hands tracing her body, she wanted to scream
But the haunting memories came flooding back.
Her body became frozen
Her heart barely pumping, so scared
as he tries to take advantage of her, finally getting him off of her
He left with a hurry.
Silent tears fell that night.
She could never look into his eyes again.
Knowing he has no regrets for his actions.
He doesnt care that she cried the moment he left.
He didnt care that she didnt want to.
He just wanted to feel himself inside of her.
Releasing a feeling of plessure.
Adding another painful memory.
She tried so hard to forget
Figured she'd take her own life, that would be her escape.
She's always lived a dangerous life, always fiding a risk.
Not knowing at the time she never really wanted to be alive.
She pretended to be somone else.
By 16 she became her dad; drinking from morning to night.
Throwing aay all thats important, finding ways to numb herself.
Sleeping with a guy 7 years older, not looking for love.
He was dangerous, a bad ass, he had her broken heart.
A woman stepped in and saved her life.
Fighting for this girl; she saw something beautiful.
This woman wasn't what she expected.
She found herself pouring her heart out, she trusted the woman with her entire life.
Now at 18 she turned her life around.
Still faking a smile, a laugh.
All these painful memories locked in her mind.
Have finally been set free.
Now she's spiraling out of control
She doesnt understand, what has happened?
How long will this last?
Can she be saved again?
Can she avoid facing her past?
Or will the truth finally be revealed?


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