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My Wonderfully Insatiable ... You


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My Wonderfully Insatiable ... You


From the first moment I saw you,

I knew you were special.

That radiant open mouth smile of yours,

burned into my mind.

Your eyes the purest sapphire blue,

so soft and full of longing.

Framed within long dark eyelashes shy,

yet wanton deep down.

With silken blonde tresses that flow,

over your shoulders so fine.

That flow out to a full pert breasts,

firm or soft at my will.

A waist below so slim my arm could wrap,

around and carry you away.

Yet your wide hips so smooth and easy,

to grip and pull you close

You were made for me and I desire,

you inch by inch.

Able to be firm or soft as my obvious,

need arises.

You are so lovable, huggable, and amazing,

with never a complaint.

When I'm home late, you are always there, waiting

for my arms to encircle you.

Holding you close with never the thought

of denying my advances.

Sexually willing to attend to my every need,

no matter my desire.

For you are perfect for me, so willing

to feel me filling you.

As if breathing life into you from,

your belly button.

I hear you sigh as you squirm before me,

stretching out onto the bed.

The satin sheets and comforter sliding under your,

satin skin so comfortable.

You lay there letting me decide how I wish,

to full fill this nights fantasies.

I must be careful with you though, a fool,

to burst this relationship.

So I am gentle and loving as I enjoy your,

pleasure points and never abuse.

So when I am done I clean you up,

and hate it when,

I must pull your plug.

My wonderfully insatiable,

Blow up doll.


By Tracey Owen & R.B.Rueby


copyright July 2010




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