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When I Was.....


Christmas was our four year aniversary of when Brian and I met on line to chat ... Three years ago at christmas we set up Kinkybits on myspace to show our co-written storys and poetry .... This poem was written this christmas as the poem of us ... Maybe not our best poetry but gives readers a glimps into who we are ...

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When I Was.....

  • A rumbustious bumptious precocious child,

    full of mischievous laughter when running wild.

    Chestnut hair framed big, brown, Jersey cow eyes,

    bewitching smile, beguiling ways and naively wise.

    Chubby, muddy knees with smears of jam on my face.

    adventurous yet innocent enthusiasm all over the place.

    Hollow legs, and an appetite to match a zest for life,

    so much so, I was nicknamed Tracey Trashcan from birth.

    Bare footed I would dance on my imaginary stage,

    life was my playground and I played and played.

    Making friends was so easy to this fun loving kid.

    The term was husky in those long ago days,

    as I trundled through my school yard in a daze.

    Being the smallest yet heaviest in the class

    seemed only to cause a laugh as I fell on my ass.

    Loved to make friends and some were quite good

    as I stumbled and bumbled with the boys of the hood.

    Always running after the others of my crowd,

    never able to run with them but I was proud.

    Thickset and dumpy, nervous and shy, but

    never picked for the team, that four eye fat boy.

    The child grew into a pretty young teen,

    but never the most intelligent but she was keen.

    Home life was difficult we often went without,

    till our drunken father gave up and was kicked out.

    Job after job, went to bring home some money

    to help out her sister and hard working Mummy.

    She cleaned some toilets and washed pots and pans

    and packed thousands of eggs into boxes by hand.

    Used a chainsaw and axe when as a big lumberjack

    also a shepherdess living on a mountain bivouac.

    Then a bad man came with knife the soul defile

    used, and abused, my body, then stole my smile.

    Its was hard to stay a teen, buried within my own exile.

    Then came the day that husky no more could stay,

    Stillman's water diet did wash so many pounds away.

    Now broad shouldered this lad did learn to sway

    to the point he had a hard time keeping girls at bay.

    He grew cocky and sure as he always had a date on arm

    life was good those last school years, dates kept me warm.

    Started with my dream job a family run company

    it brought me in money so could afford dates a plenty

    She took her revenge on the bodies of men

    loved them and left them again and again.

    Slowly her laughter and smile returned

    a hard lesson in life this woman had learned.

    Time after time her adoration was spurned

    searching for love that her body now yearned.

    Depression set in and she moved north, up county

    to meet the man that she could love and would marry.

    Then at a party he found a young woman so full of life

    It only took him three days to ask her to be his wife.

    Life was good, days turned to years

    then south we went as a family

    we went as warmer weather felt heaven sent.

    Years go by and her children are grown

    the seeds of love that dedication had sown

    too much sorrow and pain through the years

    death of her babies shedding so many tears

    Miracles do happen its often foretold

    I watched as a magical moment unfold

    A spur of the moment I just had to say hello

    Now we write together.

    Books we have written and story's not yet told

    Sweet satisfaction in novels we've already sold

    Our partnership grows

    Even for living such a distance away

    Christmas is The Anniversary Of When We Met On Line

    ByTracey Owen and Brian Rueby

Copyright November 2011


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