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teen emo chapter 2

Poetry By: blackwriter13

This little short story is about a 15 year old boy named randy and he lives life as an emo..and well his big goal is to become a famous actor and try to get rid of this girl that likes him. Read what Randy thinks in his journal!

Submitted:Aug 29, 2009    Reads: 208    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

Dear journal,
Today was like no other ordinary day.
You're probably wondering what I'm talking about.
A tall red head girl talked to me, during lunch of course.
"I like your shirt" She smiled at me, I noticed she had white teeth.
I knew what was going on, she would maybe compliment me then tell all her friends about the 'gay emo fag' But i wasn't that stupid so I muttered "Thanks" And went about my business.
A week past and everyone started to get used to me. It felt very weird...but nice at the same time.
Got to go..my little sister got her finger stuck in a cookie jar.
ha ha XD

Dylan and I went to the ' fucking hangout'.
This time their were barely any cute girls their.
But the girl that had talked to me a few days ago was their.
I swore i could have caught her laughing at me and Dylan.

She wasn't alone of course..She was with this tall build up guy.
I checked my watch it was about 8:00, Dylan and I said our goodbye's and left.
I hadn't even noticed that The familiar chic Ran up behind me Out of breath.
"Hey i have been looking for you" She gave me the same smile the last time we met.
Journal, I hadn't realized that this girl was totally hott. But i wasn't really interested in girls..Or guys if that's what your thinking! My only purpose of living is to become a famous actor.
I ignored her the whole time, dreaming of how my life would be if i had the fame and the girls
and the cars.
But i knew that was all a
Her voice had broken my 15 minutes of fame.
"I guess ill see you at school" She giggled, on her toes.
"Whatever" I muttered turning my back to her, before she could grab me but i was too slow.
"I noticed you for a while and
I'm really into your style" She whispered.
I hadn't realized that i was standing in front of her house.
Man I'm such an idiot!
Suddenly her red lips began to get closer to my own.
Then i pulled away as fast as i could, its not that i didn't want to kiss her its just that....


Your probably wondering why i didn't go to school today.
Well I've told my parents that I had a bad case of the flu.
Guess what...
They bought it.
I really didn't want to go to school because i couldn't face the fact that a hot chic almost kissed me and i avoided it.
If Dylan knew about that he would kill me.
Over the last few days Dylan and I have shared a code about girls.
1. Never break up with them unless they have nothing to offer
2. Blonde's are more fun
3.Always use condoms, when it comes to sex.
I swore to myself that day that i would never listen to him again.
Not all blonde's are fun, you know!
Well that's enough writing for me I'm going to sleep since i have the ' flu'.
I may never ever go back to Black cherry state high school.
I know that so gay....


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