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I Don't Want to Live in This Generation Anymore

Poetry By: brandonlawson

The narrator is a teenager as of the year 2014. The narrator doesn't like the generation that they were born into; they feels as if the modern generation is mess up in so many ways, that he can only describe in a poem. (Kind of like my "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" poem but only on a generation scale where the narrator is upset with their generation rather than their fellow human race)

Submitted:Aug 11, 2014    Reads: 8    Comments: 16    Likes: 1   

I don't want to live in this generation anymore

I don't even know why I was born in it for

I want to live in maybe the 80's, 70's, 60's

Where there were futures for many babies

There's so much wrong with this generation

There's nothing bout it that gives off a sensation

They want to film and laugh bout others misery

They will take in any chemical as long as it makes them happy

They don't look at what they can lose but only what they can gain

They would stay with a mate even if it brings them pain

They would do the obnoxious even if it brings their parents shame

They squander education as if it was just a game

They do actions not even thinking of the consequences

They curse as if they were born with no senses

They will humiliate others and themselves

As long as it brings laughter and some wealth

They don't care bout what's right, only what feels good and great

They keep trying to find love, while only expressing hate

They think they are full grown adults

Yet can't even make up for their own faults

They are only motivated by money and sexual pleasure

Their ignorance is beyond any measure

They cast away the good guy and root for the bad

Any helpful advice to them and they all get mad

They search endlessly for their love

Without giving any to the one above

They don't see into the future, taking life as a joke

It's all fun and games until they end up broke

They accepted all races, sexes, and genders

But haven't accepted themselves, how so clever

For they try so hard to find their spot

They'll rob for the fashions that are hot

They judge people by the clothes they wear

Not by their heart, they are never fair

They look up to anyone with money and fashion

They have all the clothes but no passion

They have all the technology but no goal

All they care about is gold

They disrepect the ones trying to help them

And give praises to the ones trying to hurt them

They rather learn by pain and suffering

They slow themselves down as if they were buffering

They traded in their future for their temporary joys

They play with fire as if it were a bunch of toys

They never ever learn their lesson

Until it's too late and then they'll be confessing

They think they lived a life, seeing it and doing it all

Though when their in help, it's their parents who they call

They traded in their friends for their twitter followers

All they care about is getting their green dollars

They want to be praised for all the wrong moves

They have no manners, they are very rude

They listen to dirty lyrics more than their own mom and dad

They stay out partying instead of studying, it's so sad

They think they are sick with depression

And they believe the cure is oppression

Trying to have a future you are seen as weak

Messing up your life, you are seen as a god of the Greek

They live for pleasure and nothing else

They destroy each other and themselves

They mock teachers who are trying to help

They want to grow up so fast

Even though the didn't pass a class

They think responsibilities is for sad men

While living free and reckless is for them

They want to oppose the order so much

That they fall out of place without a touch

They try so hard just to be a rebel

They do nothing, and expect a medal

They want to be accepted into groups instead of colleges

They want to expand their wardrobe than they do their knowledge

They do bad as is if it should go on their resume

They only see one way and that's their way

Different to them is weird

They are never sincere

Social media made to connect each other

They use to destroy everyone and their mother

They use social networking to spread their negativity

When they should be spreading their positivity

The do drugs for the feeling

And ignore what it is killing

They forget all they have been taught when they leave their home

The goodness is only in some

Oh this generation, oh why

Have you all stop reaching for the sky


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