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Trapped Inside My Own Mind

By: briannaheath

Page 1, If you have an anxiety disorder then maybe you\'ll understand but it\'s okay if you don\'t.It\'s hard to understand how it feels to have an anxiety attack everyday for no reson at all. If you saw me having a panic attack, you\'d probably think I was menatlly ill. Well, I guess, technically, i am.Well if you want to know how much anxiety has affected my life, then you\'re gonna have to read to find out.

Locked within my own mind,
And I can't find the key.
I can't take anymore of this suffering.
The knife slicing my wrist numbs the pain
From the fear of everything.
I worry of today,
And I worry of tomorrow.
I worry of looking in the mirror,
Never liking  what I see.
All i want is to be set free of this heartless disease.
I'm allways terrified of what people will say to me,
And allways terrified of what they think.
I can feel them
listening to my ragged breathing,
And seeing the worried expression upon me.
I fear the burning sensation in my head,
And the overwhelming feeling,
I feel everyday.
my body starts tingling
With no reason at all.
The slightest thing
Sets me off.
No one understands the pain,
Still trapped inside my mind,
over-thinking every thought
With no way out...
Its time to take control.
No more falling for the games.
it's time for change.
This curse lasts forever,
But forever can wait.

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