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my mother died ten years ago

By: brucek

Page 1, my mother died ten years ago of strep pnumonia. i never got to say good bye.

My mother died ten years ago

And I miss her still

She left so unexpectedly

I never got to say

That I loved her dearly

I just never knew how much.

First there came the dreaded call

Bruce, did you know she's sick?

Mom is in the hospital

The doctor says to hurry, please.

I'm leaving right away, I said

Is there someone I should call?

No, just hurry if you can,

I'll call your wife and kids.

I made it there in half the time

But it wasn't soon enough.

Mom's unconscious, my sister said

They put her under

To fight off the infection.

It hasn't woked at all, she said,

She's shutting down right now.

But she looks alright to me.

It's the machines, you see,

That are keeping her alive.

And that is when that crushing weight

Bullied into my mind.

It was to me, the only one

That she one day explained

What she felt inside.

Bruce, don't ever let me live

Hooked up to machines.

Pull the plug, and let me go.

Of course, what could I say?

And now I had to be the one

And watch my father cry.

Then, at last, I realized

Just how similar we were,

All the things that we enjoyed

We always did together.

And so, and so, I let her go

With the heaviest of sighs.

So listen to me carefully

To the one thing that I know.

Give love to your loved ones now

And make sure that they know.

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