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For as Long as I can Hope

By: Byron Quinn

Page 1, We all cling on to hope, sometimes that same hope may be the one thing that condemns us

For as Long as I can Hope…

Every time that I feel I have found someone special
They betray me
So why do I try
When I know that no matter what I do
The end result is always futile
Always the same

I can try
And try and try
Nothing will ever change
For I am not someone who is ever destined to be fulfilled
To feel the happiness
The love I so crave
To me only a lonely existence awaits
One where I watch
I remember
I reflect
And regret the mistakes long past

A lonely existence remains forever my destiny
Still I try
Try to fight against the inevitable
To find that one person who may break the spell upon me

Is a wondrous thing
Still it may be the one thing that condemns me
For no love have I
And no love will I ever know


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