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Lost in the Labyrinth of Fear

By: Byron Quinn

Page 1, Sometimesfear is all that is left behind, it feeds us, guides us, rules us

Lost in the Labyrinth of Fear

Turning Left
Turning Right
Just which way should I go?
There is no one left to guide me
To the ghost that was my home
Alone I live with darkened thoughts
A path that promises only pain
For all I’ve done with good intent
Is washed away in the midnight rain
Fear is all that’s left behind for me
The guilt for every love that I have slain
All the goodness that once was in this heart
Lost to the mystery of the arcane
So tell me why should I remain here?
A plague to this place I roam
To save my soul I should be freed
Still I will always be alone
Lost trapped with only fear to guide me
The only friend left for me to know
While I’m here the world is safe from me
So here I’ll stay drowned in red Bordeaux

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