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That Which Does not Kill Us

By: Byron Quinn

Page 1, A poem of contemplation about the tragic effects of the things that haunt our lives

That Which Does not Kill Us

It is said that that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.
Tell that to the girl who’s endured a rape,
Or the mourning mother who has lost her child,
Directly down to her own nave ignorance.
These are words spoken to console,
To falsely induce hope,
Still the truth is simple.
That which does not kill us
Can serve to destroy our fragile worlds.
We can only pray that we live on.
For those that cannot,
Will cease to be.

Those who do live
Suffer the indignity of the repeating memories.
The fear in the dark,
That her perpetrator remains hiding in the shadows.
She will never be as strong,
As in her youth she once was.
And as for the mother,
She will close her eyes each night
To be reminded of the face of the child she once lost,
She once so cherished,
That now is forever lost.
She will know that she will not see,
The innocence of her offspring she once so loved.
She will remain a scarred woman.
She will mourn
Forever now until the day she dies,
For she will never forget,
And herself she will never truly forgive.

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