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Pushed Away Friend

By: CallmeV

Page 1, This is about a passed relationship I had with a girl for several years. After we broke apart, I pushed her away as a friend.

Stubbornness was my downfall, at the time we were crystal clear and I 
could see a clear path of our future.

The more and more my mouth runs and my attitude becomes bitter, the more fog on the pathway appears. 

My visibility in the driver seat is becoming bare, but when you know you're set to crash in this game called life.

You have to push the limits, but after I finished pushing the limit barrack, it ceased to exist. 

You come to a point where you know you're wrong, and you screwed up and lost hope, what's the point of being pleasant? 

As humans, we question what could have been, but the more you clutch to these fantasies the more miserable and empty hearted you will feel. 

The loneliness and her absence in my heart makes me miserable enough. I can't let go of the memories.

The more I hold on to her the more my heart will suffer.

I can rage about her all day, but love her a lifetime.

People might say I'm crazy, but I'm only crazy for her.

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