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Sparkle in her eyes

By: CallmeV

Page 1, Please read this and my other writings

She was the sparkle in my eyes and in my life. Her beauty was unbearable, hey eyes shined brighter than the North Star, Only if I would have followed them to find my way back to her. How could such a vicious ax of my behavior be the downfall of something so great. How can one be so blind to not see such a tragedy set to unfold, why could I have not caught the obvious signs. She was the reason I arose every sleepless night, crying myself to sleep, trying to escape the image of such a beautiful face I will never have. Her brown eyes stair me down, as i picture a future without me holding her, kissing her soft lips, and just be close with this saint of a girl. I would climb the highest mountain, slay the mightiest beast, only to be able to look her into her eyes without shame and say "I love you". Three words I feel so strongly towards her, but what can one do if the significant other won't return such feelings. Time to give up, let go, forgive, but never be forgiven. I try and try to give, but the hold I'm in will never be released. Only death will stop me in this quest.

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