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A Bunch Of Poems 3

Poetry By: caralouann

Tags: Nature's, Sleep, (etheree) On, December, 19., ©, All, Rights, Reserved , The Days, Grow Shorter, With The, Winter, Time More, Peaceful, Slumber For, Things, To, Regain, Their Strength, So, They'll, Be, Ready, For Birthing, Life, As, Springtime, Comes Round, Bearing, Fruit, Feed, Us, During The, Upcoming, Months, This, Is, Why, I'm Thinking, God, Has, Chosen, Make, Winter //\\, Tranquil, Summer, Days On, 20., Reserved Amongst The, Blades, Of Meadow, Grass, The, Dew Is, Glistening, Like Diamonds, In, The Sunlight. Sensual Songs, Of Morning, Birds, Fall, Across The, Land Serenity Fills, Me, As I, Watch, Blue, Jays And, Mourning, Doves, Soar, Through Pastel Skies. Of Tranquil Summer, Days, And, Nights, The, Song, Of, Fill My, Ears, And, The Beauty, Rests Within, My Mind. You, Light, Up, My, Life On, Reserved Laying, Half, Asleep, Within, Crib, A, Faint, Tune, Plays, Head. The, Coming, From, A, Musical, Mirror, With, Seagull, Flying, Round, Round. I, Feel, Footsteps, Hustle, Across, Floor, As, Grandma's, Chores, Are, Being, Completed. Also, Hearing, Grandfather's, Newspaper, Rustling, With, Each, Turn, Pages. I, Drift, Away, Into, Dreams, Knowing, That, Comforting, Hand, Always, Near. You, Killed, Her On, 21., Reserved You, Her, Prescribing, Medicine That, Caused, Much, Harm, Dang Well, She, Was, Allergic, Alternative, Form. You, Took, Life Ended, Way, Soon, Making, Succumb More, Disease, Fighting. Some, Say, It, Your, Time, Go, Because It, God's, Wish, But, I, Do, Not, Believe This, Case, Incident. I, Believe, You, Stole, Precious, Days From, Hope, Happy, With Your, Gloating, Smile, We, Dropped, The Case, Against, You., Still Not, Been, God. Old, Gray On, Reserved Old, Gray, Hands, In Such, Disarray. Etched, Lines Of, Wisdom, Held Within, Her Face., Passes Before, Her Eyes, Like, An Hour, Glass Dripping, Time., Think Of, All The, She's Seen, Places And, Acquaintances, Made. In, Her Mind, Years, And Memories, Travel, Though, Isn't Able, Anymore.

A Bunch Of Poems 3

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Nature's Sleep (Etheree)
on December 19. © All rights reserved

days grow
shorter with
the winter time
More peaceful slumber
for things to regain their
strength So they'll be ready for
birthing life as springtime comes
round Bearing fruit to feed us during
the upcoming months So this is why I'm
thinking God has chosen to make winter

Tranquil Summer Days
on December 20. © All rights reserved

the blades of
meadow grass, the dew
is glistening like
diamonds in the

songs of
morning birds,
fall across
the land

fills me as
I watch the, blue jays
and mourning doves,
soar through

summer days,
and peaceful nights,
the song of birds fill
my ears, and the
beauty rests
within my

You Light Up My Life
on December 20. © All rights reserved

Laying half asleep within my crib,
a faint tune plays in my head.

The song coming from a musical mirror,
with a seagull flying round and round.

I feel footsteps hustle across the floor,
as Grandma's chores are being completed.

Also hearing Grandfather's newspaper,
rustling, with each turn of the pages.

I drift away into my dreams knowing that,
a comforting hand is always near.

I still have this musical mirror today it plays the title of the poem

You Killed Her
on December 21. © All rights reserved

You killed her prescribing medicine
that caused much harm knowing dang
well she was allergic to the alternative form.

You took her away from us her life
ended way to soon making her succumb
more to the disease she was all ready fighting.

Some say it is your time to go because
it is God's wish but I do not believe
this to be the case in this incident.

I believe you stole away precious days
from her and I hope you are happy with
your gloating smile that we dropped the
case against you. But your case has still
not been dropped with God.

Old And Gray
on December 21. © All rights reserved

Old and gray,
hands in
such a disarray.
Etched lines
of wisdom, held
within her
face. Life passes
before her
eyes like an
hour glass
dripping time. Think
of all
the things she's
seen, places
and acquaintances made.
In her
mind years and
memories travel,
though she isn't
able anymore.


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