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Feeling Box by: Braedon Ceasor

Poetry By: ceasor

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we didnt have to bother with annoying feelings and emotions?! Well wonder no more! All you have to do is get a feeling box to store all those pesky emotions away!!!

Submitted:Apr 16, 2013    Reads: 14    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I have a chest where I put my clothes. Ive had it for a while now. It keeps my clothes where they belong, and makes sure everything stays organized. Makes me wish I had a place to put my feelings, besides my head of course. It would make life so simple if a had a feeling box. I would store away all the bad feelings. Like anger, jealousy, and fear to name a few. Id store all the ones that I had to much of, love, compassion and worry. Not that these feelings are bad. Just that I produce more then what I need. Like a nuclear power plant, I dont stop running and producing a much needed and loved energy that everyone so desperately needs. Im a power plant of emotion. I laugh at the thought of that but it's true. If I were to enrich my feelings I could make an atomic bomb of feeling and emotion that would plunge the world into a deep depression, of violent angry people, who care only for themselves and couldnt give a damn what they did hurt anyone at all. Or. Maybe. Just possibly we could use the bomb as a way to create peace. We could load it up with all my loveing emotions and send it rocketing to any given continent around the world. An I.C.B.P. , a inter continental ballistics peacemaker. Im sure the states would by loads of those. As crazy as my emotions get, and as crazy as they make my feel, I dont think I could put them in my feeling box. Would the box even be able to contain the raw power of a human emotion? Or would the box just act as a bomb as it's own? And build up pressure and eventually pop spilling out a wide cascade of mixed up and forgotten feelings, rushing to find there place , running about asking one another "do you know where I go!, Im feeling whatever it is I am to much right now to concentrate!". Maybe the right thing to do would be to let out a bit of emotion at a time. To let them explore the world , to let them feel for once. Besides its probably dark and cramped in my feeling box. It would be wrong of me to keep something in the box that is only doing what it feels! Only doing what it knows! Only doing what is right! Are feelings dont ever have to justify their actions. But we as people do. We as people dont get the fantasy luxury of a feeling box, we have to accept what we feel and get on with life. We should never ignore them, for they are the essence of truth in its real form. But as people we must be logical, computer like, calculating and adding up a person action to your reaction and dividing it by how much it hurts and timesing it by how many times it's happened before! A Error occurs, because we are human, and we make mistakes in our calculations from time to time. We sometimes forget the last step of the equation. Subtracting how much it hurt us by how much we love them. If we were perfect. If we were truly un flawable we wouldn't have no need for a feeling box. I wish I had a feeling box. It would make life so simple.


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