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the smile on your face

By: Char Char

Page 1, Love

The thought the feeling, the warm embrace.
Every touch, every look the smile on your face.
There's nothing about you that doesn't make me smile.
This love we have I could run off of for miles.
Our time, this life its all grown so much.
I look forward to every time we get to touch.
What we have is amazing, for that there's no doubt.
I know it's crazy we took so long to figure this out.
From now until for ever this love is perfectly great.
I'm glad this love didn't come a moment to late.
We have forever for us, to grow and to love.
I thank you for everything your my Sun from up above.
Babe,  your the love of my life.
This loves perfect and great I don't have to think twice.

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