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A Ladies Worst Nightmare

By: Chiqui

Page 1, A little something to bring laughter to your hearts. dedicated to: all the ladies in Booksie

A Ladies Worst Nightmare

by: Chiqui

There’s a pen and pencil and another pen
Two ear buds and an empty box of matches
A Hairbrush, a comb
And a tissue or two
A once upon time love letter
Mints, some gum and a toffee chew
Nail file, one long one short
Bank slips and till slips crumbled and old
A tiny shell a little pebble
Bills to pay a piece of stained glass
Wet wipes, cream for the hands
A cell phone, notebook and diary too
Last years birthday card from daughter in law
Picture or three of the grand kids
A little make up bag with all the essentials in
An empty purse and maxed credit card
But the pages in the cheque book still are many
I am sure I have forgotten a thing or two
Never mind if I scratch
 I am sure to find it for you
Now can you imagine how small this bag
Stuffed like a turkey for Xmas dinner
Has to fall down and spread all on the ground
For sure I’d be in terrible shame
This…  dam handbag so full of fame!

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