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DO YOU TO DREAM OF THIS DAY ..Do you dare to enter?(poetry only) Challenge: agent X

Poetry By: Chiqui

When you miss someone your hearts just breaks in 2.

Submitted:Feb 5, 2011    Reads: 41    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

I know once life was vibrant with promise between us
And dreams kept us reaching
Yet still we wait for them to come true
After all dreams are made when sleeping
I never thought of that
"Did you?"
The miles between us, are supposed to make our love go stronger
Yet they seem so far out of reach
Rainbows I am told have colours of hue
Softness, like the passion we once knew
Where oh! Where have those colours gone
"Are you also struggling to see them?"
Birds still sing in the early morning sun
But not that song we once tenderly shared
The stillness of the wind I try and listen
To hear you calling my name
"Are you listening to hear me calling your name to?"
But alas! It is just seems in vain
I still can see the ripples of the river as she runs to the sea
But my legs have grown weak
I no more can run along her winding banks
Or even try to keep up with the strength of her flow
"Can you still keep up?"
My gypsy fire the flames are bare
As I sit smoking my cheap cigar
And underneath what is meant to be starry skies
Wish I may, wish I might
No longer do I see my star in the night lit sky
"Where have you hidden that star?"
Millions of raindrops have become tears upon my cheeks
There is no substitute for hope
But there is still time to full fill those dreams
We once dreamt together
There is no replacement for time already lost
So why wait and loose another valued second in time
"How many more lost time is still to come?"
No longer do I want to look into the mirror on my wall
Only to see tear filled eyes of sadness
Seeking that longing smile
Or turning around and only to find an empty bed
And trying to find the silhouette upon my wall
"Do you seek this to?"
Time has passed us by, just like a blink of the eye
Mistakes we've made, and now they have flashed across the sky
Into a dimension of forget and forgive
We have let go to what cannot be undone
"Can you do that for me?"
Be kind to yourself, and those who truly mean the world to you
Be strong and fight for which is rightfully yours
Those who left you in the cold, leaving you sad, lonely and blue
Are not worthy of your undeniable love
Bless them, and let them to be free
Then count your blessings one, two and three
"Do you understand this is freedom of the hurting soul?"
Move on, for tomorrow a new day dawns
Sometimes we have to loose much, only to gain much more
There is that person who so much only wants to be with you
Not for what you have, but simply for whom you are
And for what that person is when she is with you
"Can you peep into your heart and see who this person is?"
Make that decision before it may be to late
Life is an occasion
Rise to it, and make dreams come true
For you and for me
I have loved you so much, and love you even more
Without condition or baggage
I love you so much that even if I must
I will let you go
"Do you now realise just how much I care for you?"
Just take my hand and walk with me
Love me just for who I am
And I will love you for who you are
Share the pain through my eyes
You appear like a dream to me
So very far yet so near
"Or is it just an illusion that never can be?"
Lets turn this page of blood filled pain
Into a tomorrow of no more sorrow and strain
We were meant for each other this I know
Find I your heart the red ribbon bow
I'll just tie it one more time for you
And when you untie it you will know
Just how much you mean to me
"Will you then keep it safe and forever to be?"
I now close my eyes tight wide shut
Dreams are now all I haveā€¦ but,
I'll never give up on loving you
My heart is yours forever true
Wake me up when you decide
To walk with me in each of my strides
I love you now and I will love you then
My tears and love are the ink on this page
Just waiting for that day we again will engage
"Do you to dream of this day?"
Just want you to always know
No matter where you be or where you go
I'll give you the world by day
The stars by night where we can play
We will again make this love our paradise
No promises broken, no words unspoken
No more need to sacrifice
Just you and me
In the harbour of each others arms
When stars collide like you and I
Lets do it, forever and a day
"What do you say?"


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