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Even If It Be.......

By: Chiqui

Page 1, Being on pause doesn\'t come easy dedicated to: A woman of Substance

Even if it be
by Chiqui
My heart is filled with so much pain
The feeling to leave earth haunts me once again
The clouds they are so very thick and black
As I pray that my Baby Girl comes back
I cannot dream alone no more
Life is so empty my soul so sore
It may be better into thin air I disappear
Instead of this loneliness which I so fear
What's happening is going nowhere for me
Just let go and let be
If only I could turn all around
And not feel so outward bound
It is only you I always think about
Please believe me, have no doubt
Dont ever misunderstand me
It is with you where I want to be
Or maybe I am just standing in your way
When others in your heart will always stay
I can no longer be held on pause
Just know the pain it does cause
I always love you no matter what
My love was never bought
It cannot be sold
It belongs to you to have and to hold
This time I really have to know
No matter how hard maybe the blow
Just know……

I'll wait for you forever,
Even if it be in the land of 'Neva!

dedicated to: A woman of substance


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