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HUSH Fantasy Femmes Challenge by HollyJaye

By: Chiqui

Page 1, Sweet memories on my ceiling. Dedicated to one who is the wind beneath my wings

The night is here which I most fear
Alone in my bed the ceiling a book
Where all truths are written
It tells of yesterday, today and tomorrow
Even tears shed and ones soul sorrows
Commanding me to use my head
For hearts are normally torn apart
It shows all memories bitter and sweet
And tells me these I can never delete
Words spoken, promises broken so hard to understand
Are they just words of comfort for my soul
Avoiding questions that may be asked
Like when, what and where maybe even how
Games of noughts and crosses appear there too
Knowing the winner takes all
Written are also words, which are invisible
These the ones you really want to hear
But are never really told
And one hangs onto dreams that never unfold
Your eyes become heavy but yet do not close
‘Cause you want to still read the lines between
No matter how hard it seems
A tear rolls down and wets your cheek
Knowing it was just a game of seek and hide
One is strong the other so weak
Now watching as your life flashes across the sky
Without any hope to be with the one you love most
HUSH! Cry no more these uncontrollable tears
Is written there on the ceiling too
 As dates and tomorrows will never come
Just have to admit that I were not the meant one
And know that some love for diamonds other for pearls
But my love was none of the two
All I ever wanted was to love, and be with you
 As a breeze now softly blows through mine hair
I walk through a valley of hope and dreams
Where clouds of pure white allows me to be
Alone in my room the ceiling and me

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