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W h i s p e r s

By: Chiqui

Page 1, This is written from the whispers of my heart for someone so special....

My eyes are blind they cannot see
You standing here next to me
My tears they flow but in vain
A heart now that so full of pain
My hands can’t feel your soft silky hair
I always thought our love was beyond compare
My dreams no more fill your nights
No more stars that shine so bright
My hope all gone is this the end
A road ahead with many bends
My rainbows gone from angry skies
No longer any pretty butterflies
My minds quite shattered, what went wrong?
Still I listen each day to our song
My sun grown cold in the sky above
Always remember it is you I love
My bedroom just an empty place
Yet on my wall I see the silhouette of your face
My foot it slipped and down I did fall
You never heard me when I did call
My life now shattered in pieces of many
Not worth a pound or even a penny
My soul it so yearns so much for you
In baths of lavender and blue
My pen no longer wants to write
It has no use to beg or fight
My ears no longer your voice can hear
Those whispers of love when you were here

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