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You Once Told Me

By: Chiqui

Page 1, By: Chiqui – Dedicated to one dream, the dream of being together forever and a day! I love you Snuki xxx

You Once Told Me….
Your love has no charge
 The journey is free your love infinite
“Come hold my hand,” you said to me.
 As I walk you through a new world
And experience all the following with me…
Walk with me along the shore
 As we leave our footprints in the sand
Watch with me the tide come in
 We will paint our love on the crest of each wave
Climb with me this mountain high
Allowing us to feel the freedom of our love
Fly with me as eagles do
We will dance a tango upon white clouds
Cry with me a tear well shed
For it will lessen our inner pain
Smile with me an unforgettable smile
For if we smile the world smiles with us as one
Share with me your darkest fears
Together we will sort them out
Laugh with me along the way
As laughter is music for our soul
Talk with me the words of truth
For truth will get us through that darkest night
Go with me on this walk of life
I will hold your hand all the way
 never allowing you to walk alone
Allow me to give you sound advice
Yours too will I accept
Show me you also care for me
My love is yours forever and a day
Lay with me in these arms that want to hold you
They will always be your safe harbour
Wish with me upon a falling star
For my wish is just to be with you
Dream with me a dream come true
As dreams are always made by two
Run with me along rivers wild
Our rivers will meet at the same sea
Whisper to me in the autumn wind
The words I long to hear
For I love you too
Wake beside me hearing the birds sing
They sing a song of love for you and me
Cherish every and each moment shared
And etch them on the canvas of your heart
Share with me the passion of a kiss
Placed softly upon your lips
The road ahead is long and hard and if you should stumble
I will be there to catch you before you fall
I will care for you with a love that has no boundries
These are only a few by of the experiences
 I wish you to make with me through the 4 seasons of the year
For there are eight letters
Three words
One meaning so true
I love you!

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