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"Another Day, Another Birthday"

By: Christian Taylor

Page 1, Today\'s my birthday (27th) and I got a poem to share.

On this day,
On the 27th day of the 9th month,
We remember my existence,
Remember the day,
I came to this world,
Another number to my age,
Another day, another birthday,
Is upon me.
A delicious cake,
Decorative and tasty,
A flame burns on the tops,
Of the candles that scatter,
On top of the cake frosted surface,
Friends sing the famous song around me,
We all know it by heart,
I close my eyes,
Make a wish I did,
With one deep breath,
The lit candles go out,
Leaving a trail of smoke coming off its wicks,
The wish is still a secret,
Another day, another birthday,
Is topic for today.
Gifts I didn’t ask for,
Don’t know what I want,
Cards of birthday wishes,
And a couple bucks is the norm,
Realizing that each birthday,
Another year of accomplishments,
Yet to be fulfilled,
Another year closer to death,
How much time is left for me?
Another year my youth is lost,
Not as young as I once was,
Another day, another birthday,
Is the theme for me today.
The older I become,
The less significant my day is becoming,
Less I am interested in it,
Less that anyone really cares about it,
Age becomes only a number,
But our souls still become older,
And we see it in the mirror,
But, I still smile,
I still have friends that care,
I still have fun, despite the obvious,
Another day, another birthday,
Still a good day after all.

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