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"Candles of Life"

By: Christian Taylor

Page 1, A poem about how our lives imitates the art of candles.

Life is like a candle

We are different in every way
A scent of a candle
Is like our favorite cologne or fragrance
A look of a candle
Is like the way we identify ourselves
The style of a candle
Is like our personality
And the wick
Is the Life we live

When first lit
It is like a new born coming into the world
It starts out as a weak flame
But slowly becomes a strong flame
The melting wax surrounding the flame
Is like becoming familiar with our surroundings

As time goes by
The wax disappears
And the wick goes further and further
Down into the candle
Like our lives when we get older

When the flame flickers
It is like the trails
We all face in life
And when the flame goes out
That's when the life as we know it as

But the smoke that comes off the wick
Is like our spirit rising to heaven above
Living out our lives in eternity
And remembering the life that we once had

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