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"Love Never Loved Me"

By: Christian Taylor

Page 1, A poem about when you feel that love will never find you and that you will never find that girl of your dreams.

Just as I thought,
It was going alright,
I find that I am wrong,
Hurting myself again,
The pain of rejection,
Its always the same feeling,
Never did love ever find me,
Whether expected or not,
Love never loved me.

How many times,
Try I might,
For love to come my way,
Only to be left out,
I got no more tears,
To cry,
Have nothing more to give,
Pushing me so far,
Here I am,
Without a girl,
To hold and dreams await,
Love never loved me,
Love left me out,
In the cold.

Searching I keep trying,
Footprints of perserverence,
Trailing behind me,
As I search for love,
Or be guided blindly,
Into the depths of love's twisted ways,
Knowing its true colors,
Always a mystery,
Will lover ever find me?
Or not?
Love never loved me.

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