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"Love Remains the Same"

By: Christian Taylor

Page 1, A poem about a lost of someone that you were close to and never getting the chance to tell how you felt towards the person or say goodbye.

A thousand times,
I closed my eyes,
To see you in my dreams,
So close in my mind,
But so far away.
Wish I could,
Hear your laughter,
Wish I could,
Hear your sweet voice,
Ringing like a bell,
In my ears.
Only to be here,
Here without you,
Taken by tragic circumstances,
Everything will change,
But love remains the same.
Stories of us,
Play in my mind,
Like a broken record,
Reminding me of times,
I’m lost in your eyes.
Wishing I could run,
Till I found you,
To say my last goodbyes,
Knowing it’s impossible now,
Never knowing if you knew,
How I felt,
Or if you heard the last goodbyes,
Leave my lips.
So I sit here,
Here without you,
Everything will change,
But love remains the same.
Find a place,
To find peace,
And remember,
The times we had.
Keeping memories of you,
Locked in my heart,
Forever reminded,
Happier times and hearing of laughter;
Aside the memories,
A polish rock with a name carved on it,
Is all that is left of you.
Finding myself here,
Here without you,
Of emptiness so painful to the soul,
A void left bare to mourn.
Everything will change,
But love will forever remain the same.


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