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"Merry Christmas to You"

By: Christian Taylor

Page 1, A poem to get you into the spirit of Christmas! :)

A sheet of glass covers the lake
Landscape covered in a sea of cold white Cotton
Missing is the colorful days of a warm summer
That is missed by so many
Colored lights flicker in the distance
Giving homes a colorful feel for the Holidays
Songs about a Winter Wonderland, Santa Claus and Jesus
Can be heard in radios and carolers
The season of Christmas is upon us

The towns and cities across the country
Decorate their streets with ginger and colorful lights
Giving their city a temporary face-lift for the holidays
Little children make their wish-lists
Some mailing it to Santa
While others hope their parents can tell Santa themselves
Pine trees are put up and decorated for the festive holiday
A smell of pine and nature fills the air and in their homes
Christmas is here once again

Families and relatives comes together for a night
A night feast on the good food and celebrate the season
A nice evening to talk about life stories, sharing news with everyone, and having a few laughs
Children wait anxiously to open colorful and decorative boxes
Lying underneath a colorful Christmas tree
When the time is right, little children open their gifts
Their faces full of smiles with teeth showing
Grown-ups sit and watch as the kids jump for joy
A sleigh for him and a pair of skates for her

With Christmas in full bloom
Remember boys and girls
And parents too
Remember what the true meaning of Christmas is
That's what makes Christmas all the more important
For a baby was born on this day
Tell the story to others
Christmas will have more meaning
Merry Christmas everyone!

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