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"Over You"

By: Christian Taylor

Page 1, A poem about moving on from a past relationship and proving that you can move on without them.

Bet you never,
Thought I'd ever,
Move on after you,
A surpise awaits you,
No longer does the stills of yesterday,
Bring me the saddness of today,
I'm done drowning in my tears,
Of thousands of tears,
Everything you were to me,
No longer lives inside of me,
My heart no longer breaks over you,
May not be the same for you,
Wonder if you do,
Doesn't matter what you do,
Chances you had,
Love you had,
Don't forget what life could of been,
As you walk away, remember what it could of been,
Let go of yesterday I will,
Forget about you I will,
Skies above me become brighter,
Cause I'm a fighter,
As life goes on,
You'll move along and on,
Out of my mind,
And another soul goes into my mind.

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