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"Reflection on My Life"

By: Christian Taylor

Page 1,

Like looking in a mirror
I see my reflection
But I don't see myself
I see my life reflecting
Reminding me the past
That I rather forget
but it forces me to remember

Have I made mistakes?
Do I have regrets?
Wish I said or did something different?
Don't we all

Every time I get hurt
Every time my heartbreaks
Every time I get used
Every time people lie to me
I become a recluse
Putting myself deeper into a hole
That I may never get out of

It makes me realize that people come and go
Friends don't always remain friends
You learn who's a friend
And who's a foe
We've all been there before once or twice

Despite how I feel about my life
I wouldn't change anything
Cause it made me who I am
Whether I like it or not
What does your reflection show?

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