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Ancient Growth

Poetry By: Chrysta

This epic tell the evolution of all life, the struggles of death, changes in man and his destiny to destroy.

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All that came to be came from me,

When I began to grow, the world as we know it was desolate.

Weakness left me clinging to the cold crashing waves,

I grasped with all my might to the shoreline,

And I grew strong, and climbed and climbed,

I spread my roots in the bare soil,

And they begin to coil and coil,

As I grew taller and stronger,

My branches became longer.

I feel a fresh breath unlike before,

As I grow green and leafy,

I began to drink the sea, and filter it through me.

Beneath my feet little things sprout,

My children popping out all about,

The begin to grow, and grow,

They shoot up down below,

Their branches reach high and low,

As they grow, the air becomes lighter,

the sky becomes brighter,

And for the first time,

New colors begin to show.

My leaves are yellow, gold, red and brown,

My bark is brown, green, yellow and red,

The sky is grey, blue and black,

And yet the sky shows something that before it lacked,

Clouds cover far and wide,

Stars brighten the night and delight

Rain washes us all from our dust;

Rejuvenating and moisturizing us,

Tender teardrops trickle down,

Far down onto the ground.

It collects and shimmers,

And begins to flow and ebb,

Each day growing longer, it grows away from the sea,

More and more green covers the ground as my leaves are falling down,

Then breaking down and sinking inside the ground.

Their nutrients feed me,

And help me grow,

And little things begin to creep down below.

They tickle and nibble, and make chatters too;

These little things that make the soil anew.

They dig and munch, and crunch on me,

They clean me and live inside me.

I am mature now,

My bark is strong, my limbs grow ever long,

I feel tiny, soft scurrying creatures.

They run and chatter,

All night, then crawl inside me and hide.

I feel life born inside me,

As little pink bodies grow tails and and fidget,

I feel more of them tickling me with their tiny digits.

They nibble away at my seeds,

Climbing up high they use their winding tails to hang and swing,

With something like wings they learn how to glide,

And now they no longer have to hide.

Some become large, hairy and loud hooting things,

They swing from my canopy from tree to tree,

Some run around down below and grow taller and smarter,

They scavenge and rut, some hop and some scurry,

But all these creatures are alive and in a flurry

We live in peace, among the ever growing forest of trees,

My brothers no longer are down below, Now they stand beside me,

Growing heavy with fruit we have a bountiful harvest,

And the apes; superior they have a clan the largest.

All different faces and sounds, All playful along the ground.

They walk down, they walk all around, and revert to the ground.

They stand and they speak,

And no longer do they seek me for relief.

They leave me alone,

And travel far and wide.

These creatures that change with the passage of time.

They grow bold, and their hair begins to molt.

I am no longer their father,

The earth is no longer their mother.

They learn to burn,

They learn to kill,

And they learn to farm.

I watch with weary eyes,

I no longer want to know their kind.

I am growing tired now,

And my branches begin to slowly give and break.

My fruit no longer tastes so sweet,

My seeds do not reach.

My brothers crowd around me,

They begin to take up more space as I slow my pace.

I see the new race,

With broad face,

With naked skin and unfamiliar voices they all walk around me.

They disturb the forest with something noisy,

The smell of earth's blood in the air disgusts me--

The trees groan and moan all around me,

Far away they shake and scream,

As they careen down and crash down below.

I need to get away, but my roots have nowhere to take me.

I want to cry out for help but I cannot make a voice,

And then there is the noise.

Jarring, it shreds and pulverizes.

The animals scream, they no longer have a home.

My critters skitter with no control,

And the entire forest is in an uproar.

I feel my family climbing me and crying;

They clutch to me and go into hiding.

The people have already come so close,

And I no longer have a single hope.

The sky grows dark,

And the night is silent.

I survived today,

But tomorrow they will find me,

And on that day I will no longer know this world,

I will perish away and it will be no good.

They will take me for my wood,

But will not mistake me for the being they once loved.

I am dying soon,

I feel my life fading from me.

I am thankful,

That I have lived.

I am regretful,

That they have evolved,

Into this non-feeling beast,

This no longer needing thing that will feast from my profit,

While my soul is bleeding,

I will drop my final seedling.


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