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Ruby, a gem

By: ClareAnderson30896

Page 1, something i wrote about one of my best friends, it\'s about what she means to me... <3


Ruby what a wonderful word

It means a red jewel, very expensive

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…


Ruby how much of an amazing word

You need to treasure it

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…


Ruby the meaning changes

When you know a meaning better

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…


Ruby, wow where to began

Never a day when I don’t want to see her

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby...


Ruby, a husband who's always there for me

Always reliable,  always cukie and smiling

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…


Ruby someone who's out there

Funny, amazing, fun

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…


Ruby, pretty, talented, the best

I dont know how to repay her

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby...


Ruby an indescribable word

But I do know that Ruby is my best friend

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