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Waiting (for him)

By: clsiegfried

Page 1, When you truely love someone, you\'d wait forever for them

I step back,
I'd wait Days,
Weeks, Forever,
Just to know he still loves me.

I miss his touch.
I ache to feel his arms again.
I wake at night crying from the nightmare
Of him not being there.

He's going through a rough time,
He's young and Slowly growing up.
Becoming a grown up comes with responcibilities ad stresses.
Taking them on has changed the love message.

He's unsure of his ablilty to be good to me,
To organize his priorities.
He wants to put me first,
But he knows the real world has other ideas.

I want to be there for him,
I hope he gives me the chance,
Lets our love grow stronger by making it through this,
I know we can only grow.

He needs his time to think,
So I will step back hope,
Our love is strong,
And will Pull us through.

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