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A bath to remember

By: cmccoy

Page 1, This is about a real-life issue that affects millions of people. It's a delicate issue and i try to write with emotion for the sittuation.


As I splash my hands around in the water

I can’t help but think they don’t want me as their daughter.

I guess I’ve been too quiet for a little too long.

Gone out too many nights, done too much wrong.

They ignore me now as if I’m invisible.

I don’t care anymore! This life isn’t livable.

I get no freedom, I get no respect.

I know it all, I have a huge intellect.

I’m so depressed and why can’t they see

what their rules and curfews are doing to me?

They make me go places and do ‘family things’.

When all I want is to grow my own wings.

Enough rambling on and on

This is my life right or wrong.

I grab a towel and get out of the tub

I almost slipped on the terry green rug.

Just then my mom bursts in

She looks pale, fragile and empty within.

She falls to her knees and screams and cries.

I ask her what’s wrong but, she pushes me aside.

It was only then that I saw what she was crying about.

There in the tub was a lifeless body, no doubt.

The girl was limp, floating in the tub

with crimson waters that resembled blood.

This couldn’t be real! The girl looked like me!

I screamed at my mom, “I’m here! I’m okay, look at me, please!”

I wasn’t serious, I was just cutting to relieve pain.

This was my little secret, my own sick game.

Cutting was my only refuge, my only friend.

I never imagined it would lead to the end.






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