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For my Dad

By: cmccoy

Page 1, I wrote this for my dad.


When I was little, my dad would say:

“You’ll soon grow up and move away.”

With him, I have smiled many smiles,

and for me he’d walk a million miles.

My hand was so small it’d fit in his palm.

I’m sure he misses that tranquil calm.

He was my protector and my strength.

Never letting me go beyond arm’s length.

When I would fall and skin my knee

He would scoop me up and cradle me.

Even when I did something wrong

He never made me feel I didn’t belong.

I have grown into an honest woman

Only because he was an honest lawman.

He has taught me moral and respect

To be kind and fair, though I’m not perfect.

My dad loves me as I am, no doubt.

He knows my heart and what I’m about.

He took careful and patient time with me

To make sure I’d be what he knew I could be.

So I say, “Never fear, Dear Dad,

You have raised me right, so don’t be sad.

Though I may live very far away,

I will always be a Daddy’s Girl, even today!

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