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How do I let go?

By: cmccoy

Page 1, This is about loving blindly, so blindly you think you can overlook the most ugly betrayal.

It's not too late to tell me you're sorry,

to touch my face, kiss me or love me.

I can forgive you just one more time

please tell me it's not over and that you're still mine.

I can't figure out why I hold on to you,

with every breath of me I long for you!

I know it's not right but I can pretend.

I'll pretend she doesn't exsist, that she's only a friend.

I would rather share you than not have you at all.

Why do I need you to walk, to stand tall?

It isn't okay and it isn't right.

So how do I tell my heart to tell my mind not to fight.

How do I do what's right for me?

Why can't I see what everyone else can see?

Use me, abuse me that's the message they say I send out.

But, how do you let go when your kiss is all I think about?


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