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My Love(for my husband)

By: cmccoy

Page 1, This was written for my husband because I was lucky enough to find my soulmate:)


M with it’s up and down motion

Reminds me of the good and bad.

The hard times we went through

And the great times we had.

Y with it’s two-way shape.

Reminds me of the choice we had.

The choice to keep on our crooked way

To get away from what we knew was bad.

L with it’s straight way and curve to the right.

Reminds me of how we lived one way for so long.

From the time we met to half a year ago.

Then chose to make that right to fix all the wrong.

O with it’s never ending circle.

Reminds me of the vows we took.

To love, honor, and hold forever,

No matter how bad the outlook.

V with it’s definite up, down, up.

Reminds me of when we first got together.

We were up so high and found our low

Only to rise again stronger than ever.

E with it’s straight back and many venues.

Reminds me of our future, right here and now.

We have choices that stem off a straight life.

We can’t go wrong no way, no how.

So, my love, now you know

How your nickname came to be.

I will forever love you

Because I know how much you love me.



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