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My love, my addiction

By: cmccoy

Page 1, This is a poem about addiction. True and to the point, never sugar coated.

My love, My addiction

The tears keep falling down my face
as the memories of you
disappear into the darkness
the vastness of my empty space.

This emptiness I call my heart
can't take anymore
I scream I cry for someone
anyone to save me from the dark.

No one comes as I curl up
on the floor.
I am ready to give up, to not
remember, not think.
I love you, I need you, I need more!

This thing you've got over me
I can't explain!
They tell me I have to let you go
It's causing me such pain!

It's hard but I'm going to do it.
I have to release myself from you.
Forever, I am done.
Mabye I can help others free themselves
from the addiction too.

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