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Your Umbrella

By: CMP8101

Page 1, In this piece of writing I simply use common literary divices to describe a desired relationship found with true friends or a couple.

Open me up and hold onto me, and I shall protect you

Pour upon me all your worries, and I will keep you safe till' better days

I will watch over you, and together, we will ride out the storm

Pay no mind to the chaos of the world around you

For in my eye you are calm and stronger than any of it

Once behind us it'll be nothing more than a soft drizzle

And the muffled thunder you shyed away from will then be a reminder of the hardships you overcame

Throughout the aftermath, the sun will shine again

Then tuck me away for a rainy day so that I may wait

Wait until dark skies cloud your mind and harsh winds count to ten

Wherever I may be, by your side or hand in hand

I am your umbrella

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