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The Innocent Dove

By: CMTretyak

Page 1, I\'ll be honest, this is a depressing poem. I was listing to

Once upon a time, not so long ago,

There lived a girl who asked what she could know.

She wanted to learn- she wanted to grow,

But they told her that she was far too low.

They made her a fool, and pushed her farther down,

Everything they did made her smile into a frown.

In secret, she would forever seem to cry

And constantly keep asking “Why, oh why?”

Then she saw him smile, and fell too fast.

They were soon married- she thought it would always last.

But sooner than later, she had a cast.

And when they asked, her eyes became over glassed.

He didn’t want love, and crushed the innocent dove.

When they first met, she thought he came from above.

Then one day when the push came to the shove,

He wore his gloves, and slaughtered the dove.

The girl who died for love that was a lie…

Never truly stopped asking “Why, why, oh why…?”

She didn't stop- not even on the day she died.

When she had him, she forever seemed to cry.

She loved… why, oh why, did she try?

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