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Save Me Today

By: Colby

Page 1, I wrote this once I felt like no one could help me because I was all alone and I wasn\'t near anyone that I could trust but I tried trusting this one person and we started to get closer but I was always afraid.

Since we all belong somewhere,
I'm not sure where we belong,
I know I'm in a despair,
Since I'm a damsel in distress,
Someone come to save me now,
Someone treat me like I'm a hero,
I'm like I'm slowly losing my breath,
I don't wanna say good-bye,
I feel like I'm taking my last breath,
Take the air away from me,
Don't kill me,
Just make sure I can't breathe anymore,
I will need someone to save me now,
Call the ambulance,
Call the paramedics,
Call for help,
Scream hope into me,
Don't leave me behind,
Like you did with all the others,
I wanna be alive with you,
Don't leave me please,
Oh please don't say good-bye,
You know you don't want to say it to me,
Please grab my hand,
And save me from the strangers in the dark,
Don't tell me you won't save me,
Because you know I'd save you,
Maybe I just don't belong in your heart,
Maybe I don't deserve to live in this world,
Maybe I should keep on singing my lungs out,
Maybe if all the crisp air,
Turns into heat,
I may survive,
And I'll no longer become,
A Stranger In The Dark

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