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Always be your friend

By: ComplicatedExistence

Page 1, This is a short poem I wrote, after a close guy friend and I decided to not pursue anything further than a friendship - for fear of losing the friendship. Since then, we have decided to just see where things go, if fate takes us further, it does - and if not? Still have the friendship. Which is good and all, until I have a sleepless night where I think way too much. lol

My heart is breaking in two,

But you will never know,

The feelings I have for you,

Do not just come and go.

When i open up my heart,

Its the real deal,

My emotions run deep,

When i allow myself to feel.

I will always be your friend,

You mean so much to me,

I'll be there until the end,

Hope you will feel the same.

I could never do this again,

Let myself feel for you,

Can only take so much pain,

We will always be friends.

(This was written a little while back, after my best guyfriend and I decided to be "just friends", instead of ever pursuing anything further. Since then, we've talk.. And we both just figure, whatever happens, whatever fate decides - be it friends or more - is fine. Though it's still a bit difficult to have feeling for someone I am only friends with, i'm pretty content with it.) :)

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