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Enough is Enough

By: ConcreteAngel

Page 1, Sudden inspiration..bada bing..bada it is! I was actually inspired by my sis to write this piece.

When a tear stings the eye

When a heart starts to die

Enough is Enough

When a smile fades away

When the skies turn to gray

Enough is enough

When a step falters

When she's finds no answers

Enough is Enough


A dream disappears

Words betray her ears

Fails to her fears

Gives into the tears


Bring with you

Kind words to release the sting

Super glue to be her hearts string

Love to return that smile

Skies of blue, a better style

Catch her when she falls

Have the answers when she calls


A better person you can be

Now your able to see

That Enough is Enough

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